31 Mar 2021

The Lesson I have Learned

It can be easy to want to strive for perfection.

One of the most important lessons I have learned is that perfection doesn’t exist.

Life is about reflection and redirection…not perfection.

Reflection is a key component in your learning and in your progress.

Reflecting back to choices you have made is helpful. The important part of reflection is remembering not to stay there because it can quickly turn into obsession which is unproductive and unhealthy.

Learn from the choices you make, forgive the mistakes and move forward with your new perspective and lesson learned. Doing this allows you to redirect with purpose.

It gives you the green light to focus on effort and progress, instead of this illusion we call perfection.

So let your imperfect self shine! You are aiming for progress!

Until next time…

18 Mar 2021

What Kids are Telling Me

As a parent/educator it can be frustrating when your children/students won’t communicate with you. They clam up and it feels like they block you out. Trying to get through seems like a tug of war… and your team is losing!

By acknowledging and validating their emotions, you give them permission to feel what they are feeling. Without acknowledgement and validation, they are more likely to react by shutting you out. When they feel understood they will be more open to communicating and sharing. They will know that you are on their team.

I have asked kids what helps them when they are feeling angry, overwhelmed, anxious, irritated or sad. This is what they said

Until next time…

4 Mar 2021

How to Calm ‘The Worry Brain’

Do You or Your Kids/Students Worry?

When I was growing up I was the Queen of Worrying! I used to worry when I didn’t have something to worry about.

In this video I share 2 strategies to help you and your child/student calm the worrying brain.

I still use these strategies. They make a big difference!

Until next time…