Sara Westbrook

Speaker. Author. Singer.

Hi, I’m Sara Westbrook, professional speaker, author and singer.

I have had the pleasure of presenting my energetic, interactive and meaningful presentations/workshops to over 500,000 students, educators and parents.

Using personal stories and songs I share user-friendly strategies that participants can incorporate into their life to help them build the confidence to bounce back from challenging times and tough emotions.


My Story

When I look back over my life, I realize there were 3 defining moments that brought me to where I am today.

The first one happened at age 3 when I declared, "I’m going to be a singer."

The second one was when my mum enrolled me at age 11 into motivational courses. She wanted me to understand the power of choices & possibility. I ended up using the skills I learned to deal with some of the more difficult challenges in my life - my parents’ divorce, low self-esteem, my dream of being a singer challenged and the death of my dad.

All that changed, when at age 18, a school principal asked me to perform for her students. I agreed. The show ended up being more than just music. The students started asking me questions about my life. Then their questions became about the challenges they were experiencing. I answered them by sharing my personal stories and the life tools I used (and still use today) to help me move through challenging circumstances and the tough emotions those challenges triggered… that day was the third defining moment.

I started to realize that young people wanted ways to help them move through their life challenges. Knowing that music is a powerful way to communicate, I started including my life experiences and lessons learned in every song I wrote.
Young people seem to relate best to my combination of speaking and singing. I soon realized that I loved that combination as well 🙂

Little did I know the day the principal asked me to speak and sing at her school would be the day that I would find my true passion – professional speaker/singer/author.

I want people, especially young people, to realize that they are not alone and that it is possible to move through challenging times, as long as they have a set of life skills in their back pocket.

From that piece of wisdom, my UPower presentations and workshops were created.

You can’t always control the circumstances in your life but you always have the ability to choose the choices you make - this is where your power lies. This is what I call your UPower.

Through my speaking & singing I have been honoured to bring the UPower message to over half a million students, educators and parents.

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