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Sara Westbrook has spent the last 15 years presenting on the subject of emotions and the impact they have on choices, well-being and resilience in both adults and children. Over half a million people have been inspired by Sara’s enthusiasm, humour, life experiences and the transformational power of her message.

In her keynote, ‘Emotions Change Choices’, she takes her audience on a journey using the 3E’s of Emotions: emotional awareness, emotional management, and emotional resilience, to share practical, effective strategies to help your audience:


  • Identify, validate, and release emotions in a healthy way
  • Bounce back from tough emotions triggered by challenging circumstances
  • Communicate with empathy, respect, and kindness
  • Develop healthier mental and emotional well-being
  • Boost happiness
  • Create healthy relationships
  • Strengthen communication


Sara’s keynote message can be adjusted for students, educators, or parents.

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