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5 May 2022

Does Your Child Worry?

What ifs? It's normal for kids to worry from time to time. The worrying child can be filled with lots of stressful ‘what ifs’. What if they …

21 Apr 2022

My Friend Betrayed Me

A student emailed me after one of my presentations, 'I can't believe it. My friend betrayed me. The person I thought was my friend told …

7 Apr 2022

Do You Fess Up when You Mess Up?

Ever caught yourself yelling to your child 'CALM DOWN' - only to realize that it was you who needed to calm down first? When I asked …

24 Mar 2022

Ever Tried to Avoid an Emotion?

Don’t you wish you could pick and chose the emotions you want to experience? I have. Especially during lockdown and online learning. I remember one morning …

10 Mar 2022

Feeling Overwhelmed?

There is so much going on in the world! You may feel a lack of control which affects your mood, your daily routine and your …

25 Feb 2022

Mindsets of a Resilient Child

Children aren’t born resilient. Seeing challenges, mistakes and changes as a learning experience is an essential part of building a resilient child. The good news …

8 Feb 2022

Because I Felt Like It!

Ever wondered, ‘Why is my child/student acting this way? Why are they being rude, disrespectful or hurtful? That’s not like them.’ Ever asked, ‘Why did you …

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