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28 Jun 2023

Where’s the Parenting Manual?

When you become a parent, you are expected to know all the ins and outs of raising a child. You may still be asking - …

14 Jun 2023

Parenting for the Future Child

Being a parent is a tough job! It’s also a rewarding job! We don’t instantly see the fruits of our labour which is difficult, as we …

1 Jun 2023

The Importance of Giving Kids a Voice

Kids learn confidence by having their own voice. Here are 4 ways they can learn to speak for themselves: 1. Give them a say in decisions about …

17 May 2023

Question to Ask a Child

Kids experience the same emotions as adults - anxious, sad, disappointed, embarrassed, angry, scared—to name a few. A key part of emotional resilience is teaching children …

3 May 2023

Does Your Child Compare Themselves to Others?

I recently heard this comment from a student, ‘I look around at others and they seem to have it all. Things would be easier if …

19 Apr 2023

How does role-playing help kids deal with challenging circumstances?

Unexpected challenges will happen and it’s easy for those challenges to stop kids in their tracks. Although you can’t save children from every challenging situation, …

5 Apr 2023

Two Strategies to Help Kids with Their Challenging Behaviours

When kids display challenging behaviours, it's easy to react from your emotions. You can easily respond with frustration, irritation and anger, triggering you to yell, ‘Why …

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