UPower Posters Pack of 10

Ages 3-19


Hover over the image and Scroll to see a sample of what's inside the package.



  1. Respect
  2. I Matter I am Important
  3. Challenges are Chapters
  4. Elephant Emotions
  5. Find Your Calm
  6. I Can Do It
  7. Effort
  9. UPower is your personal power
  10. Perfectly imperfectly,

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Poster Size: 18″ x 12″ (45.72cm x 30.48cm)

“Hey Sara, after you came we hung posters of yours all around the school. I think they help a lot of people to just read them through their tough day as they walk by in the hallway.”
~ Student


“The greatest impact has been at home with my daughter. She has the posters up and reads them every night. We use them as talking points to start conversations.”


“Our school has all your posters up and the teachers are using them to guide the students’ behaviour.”

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