‘Elephant in the Room’ Magnetic Poster

It's OK to Feel!


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Be your child or student’s emotional coach. Using the ‘elephant in the room’ will help you coach them to identify emotions in themselves and others. This strengthens emotional intelligence and teaches empathy.

Package includes the ‘elephant in the room’ magnetic poster, healthy ways to release emotions mini poster, 4 coloured magnets, plus the how to use instructions.

To purchase bulk orders please contact linda@sarawestbrook.com.


Elephant Magnet Size: 11 ” x 8.5″ (28cm x  22cm)

Mini Posters: 5″ x 7″ (13cm x 17.5cm)

What is the key problem it addresses?

Helps identify the emotions that cause unacceptable behaviours.

What is the transformation it promises?

Children & adults name & speak about emotions in a positive way Reduces behavourial issues Increases Emotional Intelligence & healthy communication Helps distinguish emotions you are experiencing.

What are 5 product benefits? (What results can do)

  • Increased Emotional Intelligence
  • Healthy communication & dialogue
  • Builds confidence
  • Helps identify & name emotions
  • Shows the emotion from where choices are being made

What are 5 product features? (What can the product do?)

  • Helps identify emotions everyone is experiencing
  • Portable – can take it anywhere
  • Fun way to learn about emotions (elephant faces & colourful magnets)
  • Non verbal way of expressing emotions

What other solutions are they considering?

Upping consequences for unacceptable behaviours Asking ‘Why did you do that?’ and demanding answers.

What can we showcase to help them see the value?

Using video example to show:

  • How user friendly the magnet is
  • So simple yet very effective
  • Allows young people and adults to identify and show their emotions to each other in a non-vulnerable, fun way

How can it work for me?

  • Helps understand why behaviours happen
  • Makes it easier for discussion of emotions
  • Lets you know the emotion child is feeling in a fun, non-vulnerable way

After they buy what are their challenges and objections?

  • Giving up too easily
  • Being persistent until it becomes a habit
  • Thinking after a few weeks – this doesn’t work
  • Remembering to use it whenever their child is feeling an emotion
  • Child refuses to do it because they think it’s silly

“I purchased a feelings magnet to stick to our fridge, which has helped myself and my 11 yo daughter identify how we are feeling to ourselves and to the others around us, both adults and kids. It was been so valuable for us, and even more so when someone doesn’t feel like talking. Thanks to Sara and all those at UPower for helping the world become a better place by supporting our youth to become more resilient and be the best people they can be”.
~ Parent


“My 5 yo said his tummy was sore. He had already had popsicles and some gummies. He asked for more gummies. Here are your other options. Major melt down. I explain “it is ok to be upset but you are not allowed to hurt yourself or others.” After crying on the floor for a bit, he goes to the kitchen and is very quiet. I’m listening and thinking he is trying to figure out a way to get gummies. I go into the kitchen. He is rearranging the magnets on the elephant face emotion board we have on our fridge. I say “I see that you are feeling sad, frustrated and irritated.” He comes over and we cuddle for a bit. After a little while, he asks for one of the foods I provided as an option. After eating, he goes over to the emotion board and rearranges the magnets to “happy”.
~ Parent

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